Retrofitting and upgrading of industrial machinery in Poland

To maintain competitiveness and increase the efficiency and quality of manufactured products, we offer you an optimal solution for industrial machinery and equipment retrofitting and upgrading, tailored to your needs.

We carry out equipment retrofitting to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improved performance
  • New process capacities
  • Increased device reliability
  • Increased staff safety
Retrofitting and upgrading of industrial machinery

Equipment retrofitting phases

1) Analysis: we conduct comprehensive examination and choose optimal solutions;

2) Project development: selection and valuation of technical specifications;

3) Installation and testing of selected devices;

4) Transport and installation of retrofitted equipment;

5) Compilation of comprehensive  documentation with instruction manuals;

6) Staff training in the operation and maintenance of retrofitted equipment.

Offer details

Guaranteed work quality

we test innovative solutions without compromising safety

1 year free technical support

and after, we are ready to support your project throughout its entire life cycle

Comprehensive documentation

you will receive a comprehensive technical documentation and instruction manuals, supplied along with your equipment

International standards

we carry out projects in accordance with international standards

Does your production need retrofitting or upgrading?

     For all project, we always grant warranty for retrofitted equipment.

                We will assess the modernization potential of your plant, prepare recommendations and initial assessment of the project.

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