Servicing machinery and equipment in Poland

To prevent costly faults, periodic and scheduled servicing of equipment is necessary.  Thanks to our theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of industrial automation, we provide

  • Mechanics repairs
  • Hydraulic systems repairs
  • Pneumatic systems repairs
  • Automation systems repairs
  • Control systems repairs
  • Robotised stations  servicing and optimization

as well as servicing  production line equipment.  We specialize in equipment that is most widely used in the industry. These include: FESTO, BOSH, SIEMENS, SMC, SEW.

The offer includes the following automation devices:

  • Inverters
  • programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • CNC  drives / systems
  • HMI operator panels
  • Soft starters

If your device is not included in the list above, please send us your enquiry.

Servicing machinery and equipment

Maintenance and repair services

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Reconditioning of old parts and mechanisms

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Preventive maintenance

Scheduled post-production inspections

Machine retrofitting and upgrading

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Does your machine require maintenance or repair?

All clients are provided with our professional warranty for the repaired equipment.

We will draw up recommendations and a servicing or repair initial assessment.

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