Robotic engineering

Nata Automation provides comprehensive solutions within the field of industrial robotics for system commissioning and retrofitting. We carry out projects on and provide professional programming of robots (online, offline) with the use of KUKA, FANUC, ABB and other products.

What we do is not limited to only commissioning new robotic cells, but we also provide solutions for increasing the performance of the existing ones.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to tackle both theoretical and practical issues.  Therefore, we also offer consultancy in the field of robotised cell commissioning.


We provide

Off-line programming including

  • use of simulation applications (Process Simulate, Fanuc Roboguide, ABB Robot Studio),
  • movement paths programming, with particular technological process specifications taken into account,
  • error early detection in the  3D production line model,
  • cycle time initial optimization,
  • robot documents compilation, at client’s request,
  • virtual start-up on the client’s installation,
  • consultancy at production line commissioning stage.

On-line programming including:

  • industrial robot programming (KUKA, FANUC, ABB)
  • robot integration with production line (robotised cells),
  • robot cycle time optimization,
  • adherence to global standards such as BMW, GM, VW, AUDI,
  • implementing applications used in moving, welding, sealing, etc.
  • robotic cell commissioning, retrofitting and upgrading
  • safety zone optimization.

Offer details

Guaranteed work quality

we test innovative solutions without compromising safety

1 year free technical support

and after, we are ready to support your project throughout its entire life cycle

Optimal solutions

we guarantee optimal price and transparency of the chosen solution

International standards

we carry out projects in accordance with international standards

Does your production line need robotics?

Each solution developed and implemented by us is unique and designed to fit the specific needs of your production.

                We will assess your production line robotic potential, prepare recommendations and initial assessment of the project.

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